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Other Resources from the Self-Help Resource Centre

* Factsheets and Planning Tools

Available resources include Self-Help 101, Tips for the Helping Professional, Shared Leadership Workbook, Comparing self-help to Professionally-led Support Groups (a matrix tool), and Steps for Evaluating Our Group. These, and more, are available free from the OSHNET program of the Self-Help Resource Centre. Call (416) 487-4355 or email [email protected].c for more information.

* Self-Help Resource Centre. Directory of Self-Help/Mutual Aid Groups. Self-Help Resource Centre, Toronto, 2002.

This directory lists over 400 self-help mutual aid groups and provincial organizations located in the Toronto area. Groups are cross-referenced by name and topic. (Note: the directory is also available as a searchable database online at

Available for $25 to non-profit organizations from the Self-Help Resource Centre; call (416) 487-4355 or email [email protected].