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Eldercare Quarterly

The "Summer 1998" issue of Eldercare Quarterly is out and available to caregivers everywhere. The current issue features articles on

(a)international efforts to curtail elder abuse,

(b)driving and dementia, and how to take away the keys from Mom or Dad,

(c)the array of challenges facing Canada's caregivers,

(d) the unique struggles of caregivers in the Maritime provinces,

(e) how living space can be altered to make seniors more comfortable,

(f) getting one's affairs in order before disaster strikes,

(g) healthy diet tips,

(h) ways to combat the toxic effects of alcohol and,

(i)a cross-Canada list of names and numbers to call for assistance.

Eldercare Quarterly is Canada's only magazine for caregivers. You can get a copy on most major newsstands, or you can order a subscription by sending a cheque or money order ($13.62) to:

Eldercare Quarterly,

429 Danforth Avenue, Suite 177, Toronto, Ontario M4K 1P1,

Tel: (416) 463-8570, Fax: (416) 463-2282,

e-mail: [email protected].

Librarians can order through ISSN# 1480-7912.