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Lifestyle, Stress and Work: Strategies for Health Promotion

Abstract : Workplace health promotion strategies range from changes in legislative policy, as in Norway, to community health education, organizational development, occupational safety and health, and, increasingly in the US and Canada, work-site wellness programs. European approaches to lifestyle, stress, and work emphasize structural and legislative changes.

Unions, rather than top management, have taken the lead, and primary focus has been on stressors-eg, toxic chemicals, work design, man-machine systems. In contrast, North American efforts have generally been initiated by senior management, and have focused on changes in personal health practices, eg, cigarette smoking, nutrition, exercise, and stress management. These contrasts will blur as management and labor begin to collaborate on the development and implementation of comprehensive health promotion programs. Examples of some successful programs and recommendations for program developments are provided. 43 References. Modified HA (Copyright 1987, Sociological Abstracts, Inc., al l rights reserved.).