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The Idea Book2: A Celebration of Innovation in Non-Profit Organizations

This small spiral bound book is packed in 318 pages with a compendium of innovations in non-profit organizations identified through the work of the Peter F. Drucker Award for Canadian Nonprofit Innovation.

This comprehensive book has a wealth of information and ideas with descriptions of award winners from 1995-97 and a compendium of innovations. It describes the elements in organizational innovation and the applicants' innovation elements.

Some Ontario examples are Youth Assisting Youth in Toronto - a youth volunteer recruitment strategy; Peer Support Project of Ottawa; KidsCount in London, HelpMe Senior Citizens Council in Peterborough and Dufferin Mall Youth Services in Toronto

The IdeaBook may be reproduced provided full acknowledgement is given. Get copies from the Peter F. Drucker Canadian Foundation; 201 Queens Avenue, London ON N6A 1J1 Tel: (519) 660-2943; Fax (519) 660-2939 Email: