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Home Wise: A Guide to Build Better Relationships between Youth and Parents

And Street Wise directory of resources for street youth.

Produced by City of Toronto Public Health Drug Abuse Prevention Program 1995; 277 Victoria Street Toronto ON M5B 1W1 Tel (416) 392-0807

These two small booklets are quite different, practical and complementary. Home Wise is intended to help youth, parents, caregivers and guardians understand each other better, There is information on how to talk to each other, reach common goals and a section on where to get help. The topics include: understanding, judging, self-esteem, respect, a workplan, home rules and more.

Street Wise used to be available on the Internet at the DAP web-site and it is hoped that the new city of Toronto will post this valuable booklet in various forms. It is a clear, easy to read and use guide to services including addiction, birth control, clothes, dental services, food, hospitals, shelter, literacy, recreation, welfare and much more. Some of the services are currently being threatened with cutbacks and may not be available in the near future. A great guide, that is unfortunately very necessary for street youth survival in Toronto.