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Inventory of Interventions and Programs - Focus Community and Healthy Lifestyle Coalition Projects

Prepared by Philippe Venesoen and Leslie Coates for the Health Promotion Branch, Ministry of Health Ontario. 1997.

In the 4th issue of this OHPE Bulletin May 23, 1997, we noted that this resource would hopefully be released soon:

The Ontario Ministry of Health, Health Promotion Branch and the Addiction Research Foundation of Ontario have documented more than 150 interventions, on alcohol and other drugs, that have been undertaken in 11 communities involved in FOCUS community projects. This large comprehensive compilation is expected to be available in fall 1997.

Unfortunately, it appears that this extraordinary resource has not yet been publicly released. If you are interested in the field of interventions on drug and alcohol, and paradigms for preventive action and risk continuum - or you would like to see evaluated programs working with adults, community, families, parents, professionals, seniors, women and youth - then find one of the community groups who have this resource!

The Focus Communities Projects were initiated in 1989 to provide resources to vulnerable communities to address illicit drug use (and later alcohol use and abuse) and prevent their recurrences. Nine communities were selected from different regions of Ontario. The Healthy Lifestyles Promotion Program included a community action process to help mobilize participants in six selected communities to implement health promotion activities.

This document describes 196 interventions from the 9 Focus Community Coalitions and 2 Healthy Lifestyle Coalitions. These communities are Black Creek, North Bay, O'Connor, Parkdale, Port Colborne/Wainfleet, Regent Park, Sault Ste Marie, Vanier, Wawa, West Bay, and Windsor.

We hope that these elusive resources will soon be shared more widely.