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Wounded Workers (1998)

Approx. 256 pp. in length, $19.95 in paper back

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Abstract: "One-third of serious workplace injuries in the 1990s can be classified as musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs). Despite evidence that applied ergonomics and early intervention can protect workers from these injuries, the medical, social, legal, and political responses to MSIs have been ambiguous or even hostile. Wounded Workers maps out the current situation for patients, caregivers, and advocates in Canada and the United States. It reviews current therapies (mainstream and alternative), ergonomics, legislation, litigation, union-management relations, and the trend towards de-compensation. Most MSI books focus on medical self-help.

Wounded Workers exposes the hidden policy agendas that face MSI patients and their caregivers, and points to further resources for overcoming the barriers to recovery."