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Heart Health Resources from Dairy Farmers of Ontario

a) Making the Most of You is an easy to follow personal guide to healthy living. It is a motivational program based on Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Living and the Active Living philosophy which:

helps track daily food and activity choices to identify if improvements can be made; encourages setting manageable goals; and how to maintain goals. The kit contains a guide, laminated and magnetized food and activity tracking chart and a recipe booklet. The publication is $5.95 (including taxes and shipping).

b) "How Much Fat Do You Eat?" is a resource recently developed by the dietitians at Dairy Farmers of Ontario and reviewed by various health professionals and agencies. This resource is a self-assessment tool that gives the user an accurate estimate of their average daily fat intake and the main sources of fat in their diet. One of the goals of the resource is to help people reduce their total fat intake while preserving a person's basic food selection patterns and nutrient adequacy. The resource was consumer tested, and proven to be easy-to-use, reliable and valid in determining average daily fat

intakes. The resource was also found to be appropriate for motivated adult women.

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