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World Health / Sant

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"... Every issue contains well-written articles accompanied by outstanding photographs and visuals..." - World Immunization News

World Health is a popular magazine designed to increase public awareness of health problems and what can be done to prevent them. Global in its scope, the magazine encourages readers to be more conscious of the role that good health plays both in their own lives and at the community level in different parts of the world. Emphasizing the importance of prevention, individual issues explore a single topic or component of health from a variety of perspectives. Articles may convey the advice of a noted physician, the pleas of a public celebrity, or the subjective impressions of a volunteer confronting poverty and disease in a remote part of the world. All articles are commissioned in advance; all are edited and illustrated to show the human side of health needs and the struggle for improvement.

ISS0043-8502: bimonthly 1998 (51st year) US $25.00