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Dennis Raphael

The following are not yet published papers by Dennis Raphael, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Toronto. Copies can be obtained from Dennis at (416) 978-7567, e-mail:

Raphael, Dennis From Increasing Poverty to Societal Disintegration: How Economic Inequality Affects the Health of Individuals and Communities Chapter to appear in: The Political Economy of Health and Health Care in Canada. Edited by Hugh Armstrong, Pat Armstrong and David Coburn. Oxford University Press, Toronto, 2000

Raphael, Dennis. Health Effects of Economic Inequality. This article is based on a presentation made as part of the University of Toronto's School of Continuing Studies Lecture Series, the Economic Fabric, January 29, 1999. The consequences of economic inequality for the health of Canadians are discussed.

Raphael, Dennis. Health Inequalities in Canada: Current Discourses and Implications for Public Health Action