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CCPA Study: Health and Wealth

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"Governments must pay more attention to the impact of inequality on the health of Canadians, says the author of a study released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. 'Health and Wealth: How Social and Economic Factors Affect of Well-Being' by Monica Townson, argues that improving the health of Canadians will mean tackling social and economic conditions that are crucial for a healthy population..."

Monica Townson is an independent economic consultant working in the field of social policy and the author of many books and studies. She has been a consultant to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and chaired the Ontario Fair Tax Commission.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is a national economic and social policy think tank. It is independent, non partisan and has charitable status.

Copies of Health and Wealth can be obtained from the CCPA for $14.95 each (price includes shipping, handling and GST #124146473RT).

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