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The "Evaluating Health Promotion Programs" Workbook

The "Evaluating Health Promotion Programs" Workbook (as mentioned in Braz King's message in CLICK4HP in early February and repeated below) is now available on THCU's website in PDF format. Please visit:

We would appreciate comments and feedback on the workbook if you can take the time - please send comments to

. Thank you and enjoy!

From Braz:

The Health Communications Unit has a book that outlines an approach to designing, implementing, and analysing evaluations in the health promotion field. As one of the books authors, I can tell you that the approach is very practical and includes worksheets to walk you through the process.

The book was designed to be used as part of a 2 day workshop on evaluating health promotion programs, however it also stands alone as a resource.

Braz King, Managing Director

Smaller World Communications

[submitted by Lorraine A. Telford, The Health Communication Unit]