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Program Training & Consultation Centre -- Centre De Formation Et De Consultation

The Program Training and Consultation Centre (PTCC) is a resource centre of the Ontario Tobacco Strategy and is funded by the Health Promotion Branch, Ontario Ministry of Health.

The Program Training & Consultation Centre provides training and consultation services to enhance the capacity of Ontario communities to implement effective community-based tobacco use reduction strategies.

PTCC recently revised its home-page on the Internet - check it out at:

Document summaries for PTCC are also available on this web-site. The following documents are briefly described:

1. INFOPACK: Understanding and Using the Stages of Change

2. INFOPACK: Smoking Cessation in Pregnancy

3. INFO PACK: School- Based Smoking Interventions

4. INFOPACK: Women and Tobacco

5. INFOPACK: Environmental Tobacco Smoke in the Home

6. TAKE CONTROL! A Campaign to Raise Awareness About Smoking in Your Community

7. Youth Tobacco Use Reduction: Guide to Current Programs in Ontario

8. Community Forum on Smoke Free School Properties

9. Building Partnerships to Promote 'Guide Your Patients to a Smoke Free Future'

10. COMMUNITY ACTION GUIDE - 4 KEYS TO SUCCESS: A Guide for Local Coalitions

For more information call 1-800-363-7822 (Ontario only) or contact:at the Ottawa office

Janet Nevala, Co-ordinator, PTCC

Ottawa-Carleton Health Department

495 Richmond Road Ottawa, ON K2A 4A4

TEL: (613) 722-2242 FAX: (613) 724-4116