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Self-Help Resource Centre

"The SELF-HELP RESOURCE CENTRE, an affiliate of the Centre for Health Promotion at the University of Toronto, houses an extensive library of resources and research on self-help strategies with many issues, including mental health. The Centre also keeps listings of more than 550 self-help/support groups in Toronto, and more than 50 of these groups deal specifically with mental health issues; groups for anxiety, parents, depression, mpd, fears and phobias, unemployment, consumer/survivor initiatives, women, obsessive compulsion etc". Documents available through the centre include: How to Start and Maintain a Group, Does Self-Help Help: A Review of the Effectiveness

of Self-Help Strategies and a guide to developing a community self-help/health promotion fair.

Through OSHNET, the network of self-help centres in Ontario, the centre can also provide listings of mental health self-help groups in Owen Sound, Algoma, Kingston, Ottawa, Hamilton, Cochrane District, Nipissing, Waterloo and many other communities. Funded by the Health Promotion Branch of the Ministry of Health, OSHNET staff also provide training and resources in developing, maintaining and evaluating groups as vital "supportive environments".

In collaboration with the Centre for Health Promotion, OSHNET/SHRC recently hosted the first symposium exploring research and evaluation on self-help strategies in Ontario. Building on this work, a new network of researchers exploring self-help is in development.

For more information about groups, programs or research, call the Centre's info line at (416) 487-4355 or email

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Jennifer Poole []

Provincial Co-ordinator

Self-Help Resource Centre