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Hospital Network in Support of Community Action

Received recently from Blake Poland, Department of Public Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, U of Toronto:

"We are individuals and organizations involved in, committed to, and advocating for hospital involvement in community action."

"Our Mandate: To share experiences and develop knowledge about the effective role of hospitals in improving community health through community action."

"What we mean by Community Action:

- A continuum of approaches that include community-based projects, community development, social action and advocacy.

- Working in partnership with the community to identify and address the determinants of health in our community

- Lending resources and/or knowledge to communities initiatives".

Founding members include 9 hospitals in the [new] city of Toronto, and the Centre for Health Promotion and Dept. of Public Health Sciences.

For more information contact:

Blake Poland (416) 978-7542 Email -

Heather Graham (416) 963-7677 x3535 Email -