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NORTH BAY Safe Community Project

The North Bay Safe Community Project started in September 1985 to align individuals, community groups and associations to promote safety throughout the community. The project is a community-based support organization committed to promoting a safe and healthy lifestyle in the workplace, at home and at play in the City of North Bay. "SAFETY IS A COMMUNITY AFFAIR" is the Project's motto. The Project acts as an umbrella organization for the effective networking of many safety and loss prevention-minded individuals and organizations.

The North Bay Safe Community Project's mandate aims to promote health, safety and security as a lifestyle and attitude for all members of the community, at home, at work and during leisure activities. The expected outcome of the project is a measurable reduction in all types of personal injury/property damage/accident statistics for the population of North Bay. A secondary anticipated result is an increase in awareness plus a change in attitudes towards health and safety and loss control by the people of North Bay.

(the 2 above from OHPE 73.2 Resources on Safe Communities)