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SMARTRISK is a national charitable organization dedicated to preventing injuries among all Canadians, with a special emphasis on children, youth and seniors. The mission of SMARTRISK is to help people see the risks in their lives and to show them how to take those risks in the smartest way possible so that they can enjoy life to the fullest.

SMARTRISK creates programming to help people develop the critical thinking they need to prevent a lifetime of injuries. Some of SMARTRISK's initiatives include:

SMARTRISK Heroes helps teens to choose smart risks and prevent injuries. This energetic digital video show is hosted by a survivor of traumatic injury and delivered to youth through their high schools.

SMARTRISK No Regrets trains youth to take the smart risk approach back to their peers. The students organize creative, fun activities throughout the year to help their peers and communities learn to prevent injuries.

SNOWSMART helps young people learn to take smart risks while skiing, snowmobiling, and snowboarding. The program is offered through the school curriculum and with a peer-to-peer approach.

Smart Moves helps older adults learn to prevent falls. A toolkit aimed at seniors, their caregivers, and health professionals, outlines four critical areas in which older adults can take action to prevent falls: bone health, exercise, medication use, and safety in the home and in public places.

The SMARTRISK Learning Series is an innovative teleconference-based education program designed to enhance the knowledge of injury prevention practitioners. Participants learn about leading edge research in the field and strategies related to the research, design, implementation, and evaluation of injury prevention programs.

The Ontario Injury Prevention Conference attracts over 200 injury prevention practitioners each year from diverse sectors and offers workshops, presentations, and keynote speakers to help practitioners learn about and address new developments in the field.

The SMARTRISK Navigator is an online broadcast centre for injury prevention news and research and a forum for community building and networking. It offers daily news articles, risk management tips, injury prevention tools, publications and reports, a catalogue of best practices, a catalogue of Ontario injury prevention programs and an archive of injury prevention research.