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Mediawatch (Canada)

MediaWatch is a national, volunteer feminist organization working to eliminate sexism in the media. Definition of "media" includes television, magazines, video games, rental movies, advertising, internet and more. Mediawatch wants our media to depict women positively, depict diversity and depict women as experts. These changes are fundamental to altering the current social climate in which gender inequality and violence against women are pervasive. Mediawatch promotes change by educating media industries, government and the public, conducting research, and encouraging consumer advocacy.

Mediawatch publishes a bi-monthly newsletter called Action Bulletin, with on-line archives:

The bilingual site also contains links to many resources, both print and audio-visual. Lists many excellent training manuals. Includes information on how to order Project Positive Action which consists of three kits: Parent Kit for use in the home or child-care settings, 31 pp; Teacher Kit for use in the classroom, 38 pp Administrator Kit for principal and supervisory officers, 52 pp These kits offer a pro-active approach to counter sexism and violence in broadcast TV, videos, & video games and are designed to be used with children aged 4 to 12. $7.50/ea. or 3 for $20, plus postage ($1.50/ea. $4 for 3).