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Centre for Research on Work and Society

As part of York University CRWS works closely with numerous faculty members in a number of disciplines. CRWS also works with researchers elsewhere in English Canada and Quebec, the United States, Western and Eastern Europe, Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

The CRWS Working Group on Labour Market Regulation and Deregulation, led by Co-chairs Jim Stanford, economist for the CAW, and Leah Vosko

of McMaster University, is organizing a conference on Labour Market

Deregulation: Challenges and Prospects in the 21 st Century.

December 1&2, 2000, York University. The Panel topics will include:

- The new economies of labour market regulation; global diversity in labour market structures;

- The geography of firms and labour market regulation;

- Gender, race and labour market segmentation;

- Regulating work and income: revitalizing and alternative vision.