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Self-Help Resource Centre

The Self-Help Resource Centre (SHRC) has been helping people to help themselves since 1987. The Ontario Self-Help Network (OSHNET) is a program of SHRC funded by MOHLTC as part of the Ontario Health Promotion Resource System. OSHNET provides free networking, consultation, training and information resource services to support the development of self-help/mutual aid initiatives across the province of Ontario. OSHNET works with volunteers from self-help groups as well as health promoters, social workers, nurses, etc., from CHCs, hospitals, public health units, mental health centres, community-based organizations, etc.

Visit the Self-Help Resource Centre website for regularly updated information, announcements and events related to self-help/mutual aid. The site includes a searchable database of over 400 Toronto-based self-help groups and provincial umbrella organizations; links to other self-help centres across the province (and around the world); a resources section with factsheets, articles and tools; and an interactive events calendar and bulletin board where anyone can share information and discuss issues related to self-help.