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Concerned Children's Advertisers

Concerned Children's Advertisers is a non- profit organization of twenty six Canadian companies who responsibly market and advertise their products and services to children and their families. With over 35 commercials produced to date, CCA messages speak to the issues of substance abuse prevention, child abuse prevention, healthy life coping skills, self-esteem, bullying and media literacy. To ensure that each message is soundly based and delivered effectively, partnerships have been formed between CCA member companies, the advertising production community, Health Canada, Canadian Heritage and the Department of Justice. The Concerned Children's Advertiser's Website at has sections for both 'grown-ups' and children. The 'grown-up' section has information about CCA, past

and current CCA commercials, and tips for parents and kids on tv viewing, media literacy and positive life skill tips. The children's section includes tips on 'living life' (being a guy, being a girl and keeping active) and tips on 'getting the media' (surfing safe, watching tv smarter) and getting help if you need someone to talk to.