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Vanier Institute of the Family

"Established in 1965, The Vanier Institute of the Family is an acknowledged leader on issues affecting families. It advocates on behalf of Canada's 7.8 million families from the point of view that families are the key building block of society and that every Canadian is included in their context."

"The Vanier Institute of the Family exists to:

* Build public understanding of important issues and trends critical to the well-being and healthy functioning of Canadian families.

* Foster the creation of means designed to identify and provide for the needs and aspirations of families.

* Encourage a family perspective among policy-makers, institutions, service providers, employers, business executives, and others whose work with organizations affect the lives of Canadian families.

* Encourage and promote the inherent capacity of families to help


See the Families & Health Newsletter Online in pdf format (requires Adobe Acrobat reader) at: