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Toronto Safe City Committee

Toronto continues to be known as a safe place to live, work and play, even as there are indications of community concern about violence and crime. A multitude of reasons, activities and community efforts go into making safety a reality for most people in Toronto.

The "safe city" approach to community safety involves education on issues of violence, grassroots community action, and promoting policies and practices that support equal access to spaces and services.

The former City of Toronto set up a Safe City Committee (SCC) in 1989 to advise City Council on how to make the City a safer place, especially for women and other vulnerable groups. The SCC membership included city councillors and representatives of community organizations, and worked to address issues of safety in both public and private spaces.

For information on Safe City Committee resources and meetings, call (416) 392-0403 or e-mail to the Healthy City Office -

The City of Toronto is reviewing how it makes grants for community safety and crime prevention activities, following the amalgamation of the former seven municipal governments on January 1, 1998. There is a discussion paper on how grants programs can best support organizations in working to create safer communities for everyone. It can be viewed on the Internet at:

The deadline for comments was August 31, 1998.

For more information, call Sue Kaiser, Grants Coordinator, at (416) 392-0406.