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The Haldimand Norfolk Project on the Abuse of Older Adults

The Haldimand-Norfolk Steering Committee on the Abuse of Older Adults is conducting a three (3)year Project to address the issue(s) of the abuse and neglect of older adults (individuals aged 60 years or older) in Haldimand-Norfolk. The Project began on January 6, 1998.

The Haldimand-Norfolk Project on the Abuse of Older Adults is being sponsored by the Alzheimer Society of Haldimand-Norfolk. To date Committee (Management, Community Development, and Training) Membership is comprised of: older adults, service providers to older adults, and older adults who are, or who have been, caregivers to older adults.

In September, 1998, Ms. Pearl McKenzie came from British Columbia to train 14 individuals from Haldimand-Norfolk to be facilitators of the Connecting Modules Workshops. She was assisted in leading these training sessions by Ms. Judith Wahl, Executive Director of the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly (Toronto). Ms. Wahl also translated the Connecting Modules Manual to reflect Ontario's laws and legislation.

The result is that the representatives from Haldimand-Norfolk are the first in Ontario to learn how to conduct Connecting Modules Workshops in communities that wish to educate themselves about the issue(s) of the abuse and neglect of older adults, and wish to assist those who are being abused in some fashion!

If you would like more information on the Connecting Module Workshops, and/or "Building A Community Response Network, please See their web-site at or contact the Project Coordinator Joanne Preston, Site V, Box 36, RR # 3 Port Dover, N0A 1N3 Phone: (519) 583-2281 Fax: (519) 583-0779 or

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