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Heart Health Resource Centre (HHRC)

The Heart Health Resource Centre (HHRC) is a project of the Ontario Public Health Association and is funded through the Health Promotion Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Health. The HHRC web site provides access to the @heart newsletter in pdf format (requires Adobe Acrobat). The Fall 1999 issue of @heart is on Heart Health Sustainability.

Also available on the site are HHRC reports and descriptions of HHRC's many resources, including the Heart Health Sustainability Workbook for Action (September 1998)-"This guidebook was developed by the HHRC as one part of comprehensive support to community heart health programs in the area of sustainability. The workbook along with regional workshops, consultation support, @ heart sustainability newsletter and research literature were the components of this comprehensive support plan."

The Heart Health Resource Centre also facilitates the discussion list

1. To subscribe, compose an email message to

2. Type subscribe heart-l in the body of the message. (Important: Leave the subject line blank -- DO NOT fill in the subject line.)

3. To obtain information on how to use the list, send a message to with the word help in the body.

4.To send information to the list participants, address your email messages to