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Parenting Wisely

Donald A. Gordon, Ph.D.

From the website: " Parenting Wisely (PW) is an interactive CD-ROM program designed for families at risk with children from early elementary to high school age. Video programs which overcome illiteracy barriers meet the needs of families who don't usually attend or finish parenting education. PW is based on social learning theory, family systems theory, and cognitive theory. PW seeks to help families enhance relationships and decrease conflict through behavior management and support. It enhances child adjustment and potentially reduces delinquency, substance abuse and involvement with juvenile justice system. In addition, PW builds parental confidence in parenting skills. It seeks to improve communication, problem solving and parent-school communication while improving school attendance and grades and reducing disciplinary infractions."

Donald will be presenting this program at The Parenting Alliance Conference, April 28th to 30th, 2002.