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Health Promotion: An Anthology (1996)

Pan American Health Organization (ed.)

More than 50 public health experts from four continents contributed to this 372-page anthology. Their papers are presented in five parts:

1. Developing a Framework;

2. Building Health Public Policy;

3. Strengthening Community Action;

4. Developing Personal Health Skills;

5. Health Promotion for Specific Groups (Includes "The North Karelia Youth Programs" paper presenting four different studies carried out in Finland's North Karelia province "to assess the extent to which cardiovascular risk factors can be prevented in childhood and adolescence.")

Key documents in the health promotion movement in the Americas--the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, Health Promotion and Equity (the Declaration of Bogota), and the Caribbean Charter for Health Promotion--supplement the text. A glossary of health promotion terms and concepts completes the collection.