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Shareware in Health Education from University of Alberta

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At the University of Alberta, we are in the process of developing a library of interactive health education shareware programs that we want to give away as widely as possible. The seven programs we have completed to date can be downloaded from and evaluations of the programs are also available on our site. So far there are interactive programs on AIDS, alcohol, nutrition, stress, STDs, and birth control. The programs are all targetted for students in college and university, but also may be used with schools and the general public. All programs are available for both Mac and Windows platforms.

A CD-ROM has been produced and may be ordered for $20, for schools who want a convenient way of installing the programs in computer labs, etc.

We recently exhibited these programs at the American College Health Association Annual Meeting in San Diego, and they were very enthusiastically received.

Further programs in development, including one on body image and eating disorders, one on sexual decision making, and one on "The Couch Potato's Guide to Getting Active".

I would welcome any comments and questions by email to

Please spread the word about these programs -- We've invested a lot of time, expertise, and funds into their development, and we'd like to see them used as widely as possible. They're already being used worldwide and perhaps they can be of use to you in your community or college/university.