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A [Brief] Review of resources in OHPE May '97 to Apr '98

Having just reviewed all 158 messages of the OHPE bulletin and scanned the wealth of resources that have been listed, summarized and reviewed - I am reminded of the wealth of resources that are 'out there'. It is an interesting undertaking to try to summarize all these organizations, web-sites, journals, newsletters and reports that have appeared in the past year. Clearly we will have to get a search engine and a librarian to do justice to this treasure trove! Fortunately we do have all of the

OHPE bulletins available on the Internet, and the Contents of at least the first 40 issues also kept on a web-site.

A quick review - from the first issue where we looked at reports on Integrated Health Services Delivery Systems, there has been attempts to link brief descriptions of resources (print, organizations and web-sites) to issues, to contacts and web-sites for further information. The diversity of topics covered (sometimes 2 or 3 times) reflects the ages/stages, settings and strategies of health promotion

using a 'determinants of health' approach. There have been resources on

children, youth, women, men, seniors;

from the north, east, in french, of cultural groups;

on mental, heart, environmental and school health;

on harm reduction, risk communications, parenting, indicators and evaluation, tobacco, alcohol, food;

security and policy development, clear language, best practices plus much more.

Take a look at the OHPE Contents site (always being revised!) at 1997 Contents and 1998 Contents (#35 - )