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Contract - Action Research/Conference Planning

Students interested in action research/search conferences and/or occupational health issues may be particularly interested in the following:

The Institute for Work & Health in Toronto is looking to contract someone with excellent project management and/or conference organization skills to coordinate planning for and follow-up from a multi-stakeholder conference on repetitive strain injuries planned for February 16-17, 1999. Duties would also include the Implementation of a pre-conference participant survey and support of the preparation of three background papers. The coordinator would work 2-3 days/week and would be paid somewhere in the range of $15-20/hour. We would want the person to start as soon as possible, and the contract would likely continue until April 1999. If you are interested, please e-mail me your resume and a brief note.

Michael S. Kerr, PhD, Scientist, Manager Workplace Studies

Institute for Work & Health

250 Bloor St., E. Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M4W 1E6

Tel: + 1-416-927-2027 ext 2123 Fax: + 1-416-927-4167

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Medical- Legal Aspects of Work Injuries Congress, June 1999

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