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PROJECT COORDINATOR Sharing Attachment Practices Across Cultures

This Women's Health Centre, SJHC National Project is aimed at acknowledging and validating parent-child attachment practices used by women/families coming from diverse backgrounds and countries abroad that have proven to be critical in the healthy development of children in their first five years of life. This project will enhance the knowledge and understanding of members of CAPC/CPNP projects and community-based agencies across the country on culturally relevant attachment practices and the impact of migration and re-settlement in fostering healthy mother/family - baby relationships.

Position Summary:

Reporting to the WHC Manager, the coordinator will have an excellent understanding of child- rearing issues faced by women, families and children from immigrant and refugee communities. She will conduct focus groups and interviews across the country to gather information about attachment practices and along with a National Advisory Committee will develop a tool-kit and Web-page for national dissemination through CAPC/CPNP projects.

Position Responsibilities:

1.0 Coordination

- Ensures that the goals and objectives of the project are met

- Serves as a liaison between the National Advisory Committee, the WHC and the community at large

- Ensures that the National Advisory Committee and the WHC are informed of all project matters.

- Ensures the completion of a literature review on ethno-cultural attachment practices.

- Serves as a resource providing appropriate information for the evaluation process of the project

- Links with the regional CAPC/CPNPs coordinators and with community-based agencies across the country.

- Coordinates a social marketing strategy and the production of a poster and a Web-site for the National Campaign on Attachment Practices.

- Assists in the financial management of the project (record of expenditures and in-voices)

- Documents and prepares interim and final reports for the National Advisory Committee and for Health Canada

2.0 Out-reach and Community Development

- Establishes regular contact with regional CAPC/CPNP participants, groups of women in the community as well as with WHC and members of the National Advisory Committee.

- Organizes focus groups in coordination with CAPC/CPNP coordinators across the country

- Facilitates focus groups and conducts one-to-one interviews with project participants and service providers

- Gathers current information, and research documents on attachment practices as applied to ethno-cultural communities.

3.0 Education and Dissemination

- Develops a tool kit with project findings and facilitates its national dissemination to all CAPC/CPNP project staff and the community at large

- Facilitates the exchange, gathering and dissemination of project information and resources through Web-site and other sources.

- Produces and disseminates a poster with everyday attachment practices

- Presents project findings and resources at the CAPC/CPNP regional and national conferences.


* Demonstrated experience in working with multicultural and newcomers groups

* Understanding of the impact of migration/re-settlement on the health of families and children

* Knowledge of attachment theory and practices and their impact on children's health

* Strong interpersonal, communication, and team-building skills

* Ability to coordinate/organize complex information

* Masters degree in health or social sciences or equivalent research experience

* Knowledge of research practices

* Ability to develop innovative and creative ways to educate/inform the community

* Possess multilingual skills an asset

* Ability to work both collaboratively and independently

* Knowledge of Word Perfect 7.0, Internet and e-mail

* Flexibility to work in and off-site the Women's Health Centre

* Flexibility to travel across the country

Term: March 1st 1999 to March 31st 2000.

Location: Women's Health Centre, SJHC in Toronto

Salary: Thirteen-month contract, based on $40,000 annual rate + benefits

St. Joseph's Women's Health Centre is an equal opportunity employer committed to workplace diversity.

Interested, qualified candidates are invited to forward their applications no later than Wednesday, February 24, 4:30pm to: Women's Health Centre, SJHC, 30 The Queensway, Toronto, Ontario M6R 1B5. By fax at (416)530-6629. E-mail:

We thank all applicants, however, only those to be interviewed will be contacted.