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Feature on CHP's International Projects


The Centre for Health Promotion at University of Toronto was designated

as a WHO Collaborating Centre on Health Promotion in June 1996 and

continues to make important contributions to the international arena of

health promotion. Below are details on seven current international

projects of the CHP.

Dr. Irving Rootman, director of the Centre has been a leader in bringing Canadian perspectives to the international and national development of health promotion. He chairs the Canadian Consortium for Health Promotion Research (, intending to initiate collaborative activities to stimulate the further development of health promotion in Canada. Irv welcomes ideas and involvement in expanding the Centres international efforts. Contact Irv Rootman by email at

Please see 72.2 for resources related to International Health Promotion


1. WHO-EURO Working Group on Health Promotion Evaluation

Description: The purpose of this project, which was established by the

European Office of WHO in 1995, is to "stimulate and support innovative

approaches to the evaluation and practice of health promotion by

evaluating the theory and best practice of evaluation and by producing

guidelines and recommendations for health promotion policy makers and

practitioners concerning evaluation of health promotion approaches." The role of the Centre for Health Promotion is to manage and chair the

Working Group. The group has met numerous times and has commissioned and reviewed over thirty background papers. To date, the group has produced a Framework for Evaluating Health Promotion Initiatives, Recommendations for Policy makers and Guidelines for Practitioners, all of which are available through the European Office of WHO. A book, based on the background papers is currently under production and will be published by the European Office of WHO in 1999.

Countries: The Group has met in Canada, Italy, England and the United

States but its work is relevant to other countries as well, especially

developed countries.

Funding Sources: Centres for Disease Control, Health Canada, Health

Education Authority (England).

Co-sponsors/Partners: Centres for Disease Control (US), Health Education Authority (England), WHO- EURO.

Duration: 1996-1999

Coordinator: Irving Rootman

Other information: Contact Irving Rootman, Director, Centre for Health

Promotion, 100 College Street, Suite 207, Toronto, Ontario M5G 1L5;

phone: (416) 978-1100; Fax: (416) 971-1365;


Web Site:

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2. Annotated Bibliography on Health Promotion

Description: The Centre for Health Promotion was asked to update a

earlier bibliography on health promotion prepared by the Global Office

of WHO. The bibliography was updated by information studies students at

the University of Toronto under the direction of Professor Joanne

Marshall. It was released at the Fourth International Conference on

Health Promotion in July 1997. At the present time the Centre is in

discussions with WHO regarding the continuous updating of this


Countries: The bibliography was updated in Canada and released in

Jakarta, Indonesia. It is relevant to all countries.

Funding sources: WHO-Geneva

Co-sponsors/partners: Other Health Promotion Research Centres in Canada

and elsewhere.

Expected Duration: 1997 to ?

Project Coordinator: Joanne Marshall/Penney Kirby

Other information: The version of the bibliography released in Jakarta

can be obtained through WHO- Geneva or at the following Web Site:

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3. Health Promotion Indicators

Description: The purpose of this project is to develop a set of

indicators of health promotion activities at national level which might

be used to assist countries in assessing their level of progress in

relation to health promotion. A team based at the Centre for Health

Promotion developed a set of draft indicators and presented their work

at the Fourth International Conference on Health Promotion in Jakarta in July 1997. Based on a positive reaction from participants, a proposal was prepared to develop the project further through pilot studies in several developing and developed countries. It appears as if funding will be forthcoming to implement this proposal.

Countries: The developmental work to date has been done in Canada and

presented in Indonesia. Pilot sites have not as yet been selected but

will be located in a variety of countries.

Funding sources: WHO-Geneva, Finnish Department of Health and Social


Duration: 1997 to ?

Coordinator: Suzanne Jackson

Other information: Contact: Suzanne Jackson at the Centre for Health

Promotion (address under project 1) or at following e-mail address:

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4. Workplace Health Promotion in Chile

Description: The Centre for Health Promotion entered into an agreement

with a safety insurance company in Chile ( Asociacion Chilena de

Seguridad) in 1997 to assist them in the development of their program in workplace health promotion. As part of this effort, a summer school in Workplace Health Promotion was planned in collaboration with the

company. This school was held in January 1998 with participation of

three staff of the Centre for Health Promotion and was extremely well

received by participants (staff of the ACHS from throughout Chile). The

Centre also conducted an analysis of the Workplace Health Promotion

Program of the ACHS and contributed to the development of their library

in workplace health promotion.

Country: Chile

Co-sponsors/partners: Asociacion Chilena de Seguridad, CIDA

Expected duration: 1997 to 2000

Project Coordinators: Paulina Salamo, Hector Fernandez

Other information: For additional information contact Paulina Salamo at

the following e-mail address:

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5. Canadian Technology Transfer Project for the Implementation of a

Health Promotion Model in Chile

Description: The goal of this project is to support and strengthen,

through the transfer of Canadian expertise, the implementation of the

Chilean Ministry of Health's Strategic National Health Promotion Plan.

Activities to be undertaken by the Centre for Health Promotion are:

1. Consultation and support for national health promotion strategies in


2. Technical assistance for the development of Health Promotion

Resource Centres in four regions of Chile; and

3. Support in the design and implementation of health promotion capacity-building seminars at regional and local levels. A letter of intent has been accepted by CIDA and a full proposal has been submitted.

Country: Chile

Funding source: CIDA

Co-sponsors/Partners: Ministry of Health, Chile

Expected Duration: From 1998 to 2000

Project Coordinator: Paulina Salamo

Other Information: Contact Paulina Salamo at the Centre for Health

Promotion (address noted in project 1); e-mail:

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6. Community Approaches to Health Promotion Development in Estonia

Description: The purpose of this project is to develop a long-term

training program for health promoters at the municipal level in Estonia.

It has involved the development of a manual for community health

promotion and training community leaders , doctors, teachers, and

decision-makers in health promotion in the county of Laane-Virumma. The

second phase, which is currently underway is designed to facilitate the

expansion of the training program to the national level. It will involve the training of health promotion specialists representing each of the counties of Estonia so that they, in turn can provide training to leaders in their respective localities.

Country: Estonia

Funding Sources: Baltic's Initiative Program; Health Education Authority (England)

Co-sponsors/partners: Health Education Authority (England); Estonia

Centre for Health Education and Promotion

Expected Duration: 1997-1999

Project Coordinator: Linda Norheim

Other information: For additional information contact Linda Norheim

through the Centre for Health Promotion (address in project 1); e-mail: (attention:Linda Norheim)

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7. Youth for Health

Description: The goal of this project is to contribute to the

development of a sustainable national health strategy in Ukraine by

assisting in the development and implementation of health promotion

policies in support of youth. It will involve eight different


1. Assist Ukrainian Ministry for Youth in the development

and decentralization of policy on health promotion;

2. Assist Ministry of Health in the development and decentralization of policy on Health Promotion and Youth;

3. Establish and coordinate Ministry of Health Information Centre for Health Promotion and Youth;

4. Establish and coordinate Youth for Health Reform Secretariat Resource Centre;

5. Enhance Kyiv City Government's capacity in the administration and

development of health promotion for youth programs through a 30-hour

certificate program;

6. Develop life skills Thematic Packages for Train-the-Trainer;

7. Develop Integrated Health Education Curriculum into Healthy Schools; and

8. Assist in the ongoing assessment of the effect of Thematic Packages and Integrated Health Education Curriculum.

The Centre for Health Promotion has primary responsibility for Activity

5 and will contribute to others.

Country: Ukraine

Funding Sources: CIDA

Co-sponsors/partners: Ministry of Family and Youth; Ministry of Health;

Ministry of Education; Kyiv City Government; Ukrainian Educational

Research Institute of Children's and Teenager's Health, Kharkiv;

Association of Children's and Youth Organizations.

Duration: 1998-2001

Project Co-ordinator: Overall-Paulette Schatz, Canadian Society for

International Health; Centre's Contribution- Barbara Ronson

( - not yet active)

Other information: Contact Paulette Schatz, Canadian Society for

International Health, Suite 1105, 1 Nicholas Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7B7; Tel: (613) 241-5785; Fax: (613) 241-3845;


or Irving Rootman; e-mail: