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MAGNA - Health Promotion Facilitator, Employee HP Program

Reporting to: Dr. Arif Bhimji, Vice President, Health Care Development

Job Responsibilities

* Participates in delivery of health promotion programs to all employees as required.

* Researches health promotion topics and keeps abreast of new approaches to program delivery.

* Assists in the planning of health promotion programs including topic selection, vendor selection, scheduling, and delivery modes.

* Assisting in the development and delivery of primary prevention programs, health promotion programs, and health education programs including clinical based programs.

* Develops community liaison with a variety of health related agencies as a referral base for employees to access.

* Meets with Divisional HR personnel as required for program planning, implementation, and delivery.

* Supports divisional staff in program delivery and planning when required.

* Assists in development and delivery of other wellness initiatives including newsletters and non-workplace programs.

* Monitors outcome measurement criteria and tracks outcomes for program.

* Monitors and evaluates employee opinions through surveys and other methods.

* Manages schedules of part-time program delivery staff.

* Assists in the recruitment of program fulfillment staff such as nurses, and other health professionals.

* Manages some aspects of health promotion projects using project management software.

* Manages own schedules and appointments.


* Must have as a minimum, a university Degree in a Health related field

* 1 to 2 years experience in patient education programs, public health or related fields.

* Preference to major studies in public health or health promotion.

* Practical experience in public health or health promotion delivery.

* Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

* Comprehensive computer skills with good competency in Windows based office applications

* Competent in the use of Microsoft PowerPoint and other presentation software.

* Driver's licence and vehicle for transportation.

Fax resumes to (905) 713-9948