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Sistering - Housing Outreach & Referral Support Worker

[This posting has been substantially shortened for the OHPE bulletin. For the full posting, including Responsibilities and Qualifications, see]

The focus of the position is to work with Sistering participants, women of two target groups: homeless, and hostel users. Staff will assist women in accessing and acquiring safe, affordable housing, supports women in maintaining their existing housing, and provide outreach and referral support to women in the Houselink Community Homes/Sistering Initiatives project. The position requires respect for, and expertise working with tenants who are facing mental health issues, addictions, abuse, and social isolation who come from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds.

Apply, by June 5, 2000 at 5:00 pm. to: Program Director, Sistering, 523 College St., Toronto ON M6G 1A8