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Program Director - South Riverdale Community Health Centre

The Program Director is responsible for directing the work of Community Health staff, for the development of integrated programs at the Centre where feasible; and for developing and maintaining liaison with external organizations with a view to improving deliverable programs.

Because the Centre will be employing a new Executive Director in April 2001, and because the management structure will be somewhat revised before then, the Board is satisfied that it is in the best interests of the Centre to hire an interim Program Director at this time.

The main requirements now are:

* Management experience (organizational planning, staff supervision and participation in the management team)

- maintain the Centre's Operating Plan and provide leadership to the identification of program needs and priorities for the 2001/02 Operating Plan

- ensure current Community Health Projects are continued/completed

- ensure integrated projects are implemented as planned - eg. the Mental Health Project

- supervise staff working on community health initiatives and provide leadership in community health including Harm Reduction and Volunteer programs

- supervise the Volunteer Coordinator position

- take the lead in searching out and developing funding proposals and budgets with respect to health programs

Research and evaluation capability

- continue to evaluate SRCHC's current practices in mental health in order to meet the goal of improving community mental health.

- carry out a feasibility review of the Centre's capacity to develop a respiratory health program

Liaison function

- maintain liaisons with external organizations so as to improve program and service delivery

- provide leadership to the Client Services Advisory Group

- coordinate student placement at SRCHC

This will be a contract position of 14 or 15 months, lasting until October/November, 2001

Please send resume to Liz Feltes, Executive Director, South Riverdale Community Health Centre, 955 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON M4M 3P3