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Project Coordinator, Environmental Programs

The Project Coordinator will be responsible for supporting and organizing all aspects of the Environment Program as determined by the Executive Director and the Director of Environmental Programs, and will report directly to the Director of Environmental Programs. The Project Coordinator will provide leadership on a climate change project, and assistance on a variety of other environmental health projects from proposal writing to implementation and evaluation stages. In addition, the Project Coordinator will be responsible for analysing various federal and provincial bills, regulations, and policies, through a child-health lens.

Project Support & Coordination

- Organize, arrange and attend meetings

- Participate on coalitions and committees

- Support activities of the Program, including letter writing

and basic correspondence

Report & Proposal Writing

- Assist in report and proposal writing

- Synthesize and summarize relevant literature and data

- Satisfy contract requirements, including evaluation and dissemination of projects

Research & Information Gathering

- Assist in identifying opportunities for advocacy

- Analyze the implications of relevant regulations and policies

- Conduct Internet searches

- Collect relevant journal, magazine and newspaper articles

- Answer inquiries from the general public or other organizations

This position requires an individual who has a B.A. or B.Sc. in environmental studies/science, biology, political science, or a related field. You should have some knowledge of environmental health issues, and a basic understanding of the Canadian regulatory and policy system. You should enjoy working in a team environment, but have the ability to work independently. Bilingualism is an asset. Employment is initially part-time, but may be advanced to full-time, funding permitted. Flexible working arrangement. Salary will be commensurate with experience. Apply electronically as an attachment, or in writing to:

Director, Environmental Programs

Canadian Institute of Child Health

384 Bank Street, Suite 300

Ottawa, Ontario

K2P 1Y4