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Growing Up Healthy Downtown - Call for Proposal

Community Capacity Mapping and Program Innovation

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The Growing Up Healthy Downtown (GUHD) Project will facilitate a Community Capacity Mapping process completed with program participants, partner agencies, and downtown communities in downtown communities. The GUHD project, as a Health Canada funded initiative, annually participates in both Health Canada initiated evaluations and project local evaluation processes. This next evaluation step will build on parent participation as it has emerged through the project's development and the continued growth of participant involvement.

Evaluation Activities: As guided by the evaluation outcomes the following activities are to form the basis of this evaluation.

1) Community Mapping:

- One mapping which will serve as a popular education training opportunity

- Community mapping at the eight GUHD agencies, to include program participants, service providers and non-traditional partners.

2) Training Opportunities:

- Providing a training opportunity for project participants that will provide an employment skill development orientation as well as a certificate that recognizes participation.

3) Information Sharing:

- Completing an analysis of existing GUHD programs, individual annual plans, evaluation processes and information, project administration, financial allocations.

- Producing a Community Map for use by agencies and by project participants.

- Holding one community project event to profile project participant and agency assets and to release report recommendations.

- Producing a report that details findings and recommends program structuring for GUHD

Evaluation Time Frame: November 1, 2000 - March 31, 2001

Proposal Submission Deadline: October 10, 2000

Proposal Submission: Submissions to be mailed to:

Dianne Loucks, Coordinator

Growing Up Healthy Downtown

2 Carlton Street, Suite 920

Toronto, Ontario, M5B IJ3

An information package is available for pick-up at the above address.