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Project Coordinator Position

Project Coordinator Position, Promoting the Health and Well-Being of Canadian Youth: A Model for Cross-Sectoral, Multi-Level Collaboration, (Part-time)

Funded by the National Crime Prevention Centre and Nexfor, managed by the Centre for Health Promotion, University of Toronto.

Summary of Project: The goal of this project is to contribute to the improvement of the health and well-being of Canada's youth, through the effective design and implementation of strategies that increase community capacity for action across the determinants of health, and

facilitate joint planning and coordinated action among voluntary organizations, service providers, all levels of government and the

private sector. The design process will attempt to model health promotion best practice principles such as participation, empowerment,

equity, evidence-based decision-making, respect for diversity, and community building, with health defined in its broadest terms of social, emotional, physical and spiritual health and well-being. The following steps are proposed for the pilot community partners in Newmarket, Ontario who have worked with us on this initiative:

1. Undertake a community youth needs assessment through surveys and focus groups to determine the critical areas in which to invest.

2. Establish an international twin or sister city relationship for sharing ideas and lessons learned regarding youth health promotion.

3. Facilitate the planning and delivery of a community workshop/retreat designed to develop or enhance a strategic plan for youth health

promotion (2.5 days plus a one day follow-up)

4. Facilitate on-going action-planning, monitoring and evaluation through on-line learning tools within a learning community.

5. Produce a detailed report that documents the evaluated accomplishments and challenges of the first year and serves as a basis

for ongoing action planning in the pilot community and dissemination of best practices and lessons learned in the wider community.

It is expected that the work of this project will be a model for other communities across the country. Four other municipalities are expected to be engaged in a similar project within two years after the completion of this pilot project. This project is an initiative of the Centre for Health Promotion, University of Toronto, the Town of Newmarket, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, and Pollara, the largest Canadian owned public opinion and market research firm.

Role of the Project Coordinator:

* Work closely with an operating committee to plan a 2.5 day workshop/retreat in Newmarket in June, 2001 based on the findings of an

extensive youth health survey conducted by Pollara

* Conduct research on planning methodologies to assist in the design of the retreat

* Collect relevant informational material on youth health promotion

* Conduct interviews with potential workshop participants

* Conduct administrative tasks necessary for coordinating the event

* Arrange for note-taking during the conference and produce an interim project report based on minutes, transcribed flip-chart notes etc.

* Collaboratively develop appropriate tools for monitoring follow-up activities e.g., internet based "learning community" forum

* Organize a one day follow-up session for workshop participants in October 2001

* Collaboratively produce a final report on the pilot project, December 2001

Applicants should be master's prepared in a health-related field or equivalent. They should have experience working with youth, familiarity with youth issues, comfort and skill working with diverse players in the Newmarket community, and the ability to integrate into Newmarket's unique culture. Easy access to Newmarket by car is essential. The candidate should be self-motivated, able to take and give direction, highly enthusiastic, and equipped with high level writing, administration, analysis, fund-raising and computer skills. Experience with similar projects is an asset. Approximately two days per week of time for 44 weeks is required. The salary is $250 per day.

Please apply in writing to

Dr. Irving Rootman

Director, Centre for Health Promotion

100 College St. Suite 207

Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1L7

by Feb. 1st, 2001.