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Request for Proposal: Best Practices for Heart Health Promotion with Culturally Diverse Communities

This is - Phase 1 of a project of the Multicultural Heart Health Partnership (MHHP) of the Toronto (South Region) Heart Health Partnership. The project has two phases. Phase 1 will research and recommend effective strategies for promoting heart health messages among diverse ethno-cultural/linguistic groups including: Portuguese-speaking, Spanish-speaking, Vietnamese, Chinese, South Asian (Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu), Tamil and Polish. The Multicultural Heart Health Partnership is looking to contract with a consultant to undertake this research project that will result in a report to the Partnership at project end. Phase 2 of the project will use the report recommendations to guide the implementation of heart health promotion strategies.

What we need

We are seeking a consultant to carry out the project as described below:

* Literature review - have best practices for heart health promotion among diverse ethno-cultural communities been documented? (in Canada or the United States)

* Focus groups - develop and facilitate 7 focus groups with representatives from the ethno-cultural groups of the project

(Portuguese-speaking, Spanish-speaking, Vietnamese, Chinese, South Asian, Tamil and Polish) to explore which strategies for promoting heart health are most effective in each community

* Key Informant Interviews - conduct 14 interviews with professional staff to explore their experience promoting heart health in each


* Analysis of the information collected

* Prepare a report for the MHHP with a focus on key implementation strategies, including social marketing, key written resources, health

education programs and other.

Who we are looking for

If you are a consultant with knowledge of and/or experience working in the community health or social services sector as well as knowledge relating to health promotion for diverse ethno-cultural communities we would like to hear from you.

By March 2, 2001 please send your proposal including

* Activities

* Timeline

* Deliverables

* Costs

* How you will work with the MHHP

* Assumptions


Multicultural Heart Health Partnership

C/O Access Alliance Multicultural Community Health Centre

340 College Street, Suite 500

Toronto, Ontario M5T 3A9

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for this project, more information is available. Please call Sonja Nerad at (416) 324-8801,

ext. 225.