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Project Co-ordinator, Woman Abuse Educator/Counsellor, Women's Health Centre/Emergency, St. Joseph's Health Centre

Full-time Temporary (6 Month Contract)

The Counsellor/Educator will: 1) provide ongoing education and training for health care professionals in St. Joseph's Health Centre; 2) monitor and evaluate the protocol for screening woman abuse; 3) conduct a chart audit of patients receiving Emergency care and make recommendations regarding service design; 4) provide counselling and support to women who disclose abuse in their intimate or familial relationships. Working with the guidance of the program coordinator, your work will include developing a plan for the provision of immediate response within the context of a busy Emergency Department. Working both in the Emergency Department and elsewhere in the hospital as required, you will be expected to be available evenings and weekends.

Qualifications include:

1. Degree in Social Services, Nursing, Community Health, Health Sciences or Adult Education.

2. A minimum 3-5 years experience working with women survivors of partner abuse within a trauma framework, including crisis intervention and assessment.

3. Demonstrated experience delivering educational workshops on issues related to violence against women.

4. Demonstrated experience working from an anti-oppression framework among women with differences of language, culture, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race and class.

5. Demonstrated experience in providing individual and group counselling.

6. Demonstrated experience in program co-ordination, implementation and


7. Familiarity with a hospital setting.

8. Possesses a second language and/or non-dominant cultural affiliation.

9. Ability to work collaboratively and independently.

10. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

11. Good attendance record.

Please forward your cover letter and resume to

Human Resources

St. Joseph's Health Centre

30 The Queensway

Toronto, ON M6R 1B5

Fax: (416) 530-6034

Equal Opportunity Employer