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Ontario Health Promotion Resource System Coordinator

Contract Position

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care funds fourteen resource centres to support health promotion in Ontario. These organizations share the goal of empowering communities by enhancing knowledge and skills. Together, the resource centres form the Ontario Health Promotion Resource System (OHPRS). A smaller group of representatives, known as the Planning and Coordinating Group (P&C), provide on-going management to the system. Currently the OHPRS is working on joint planning and reporting guidelines and formats, a communication strategy for the system to promote the collective services, and an evaluation strategy to measure the impact of the collective services. The Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse (OPC), a bilingual resource centre, provides administrative support to the OHPRS and in so doing recruits and manages any OHPRS contract positions. Currently, a Coordinator is being sought for the OHPRS on a one-year contract with the probability of renewal.

Position Details

This is a full-time, contract position with remuneration of $50,000 per annum plus benefits. The Coordinator will work at OPC at 180 Dundas Street West in Toronto, and will report to the OPC Executive Director. On-going liaison will also be required with the Chair of the P&C Group and any other contract staff of the OHPRS. Currently, there is one other full-time contract staff and 2-3 project contracts underway.

Position Description

This new OHPRS Coordinator position is being created to provide full time support to the system-wide elements of Ontario's resource centres. Many tasks will be strategic and developmental in nature as this system continues to evolve. It is predicted that over the April 2001 through March 2002 timeframe, the following key areas of work would be necessary:


* Promote and facilitate access into the OHPRS for system clients (e.g., staff of public health, Community Health Centres, hospitals; partners and volunteers connected with community health promotion coalitions) through on-line, written and telephone means.

* Represent the OHPRS, when appropriate, on such things as committees or to do presentations on the OHPRS.

* Liaise, proactively and reactively, with system members, the P&C Group, provincial staff, OPC and others on a regular basis to maintain a current and consistent base of knowledge in all.

* Facilitate discussions during all or parts of OHPRS-related meetings, thereby allowing all other members to actively participate in the session.


* Provide direction and leadership to other OHPRS staff and any consultants on contract such that work is accomplished in an efficient and coordinated fashion.

* Coordinate, and provide leadership and direction where required to, the efforts of those who are involved in the development, revision and implementation of such things as the following:

* a system-wide summary of all individual workplans and reports (interim and final);

* a Situational Assessment tool to be used by all OHPRS members in their program planning efforts;

* a system Web site; and,

* system identity pieces (e.g. a logo).

* Ensure or provide links between OHPRS groups (e.g. the P&C Group and the Evaluation Committee), as needed.


* Monitor the OHPRS budget and workplan to ensure sufficient progress is made toward deliverables.

* Adhere to the administration guidelines as established through OPC.


The OHPRS Coordinator will possess:

* knowledge and understanding of health promotion and population health approaches, particularly in the Ontario context and a sensitivity to the determinants of health

* knowledge and experience related to working with partnerships, coalitions and committees including strong problem-solving skills

* knowledge of working with systems technology (e.g,. intranet) and major office computer applications, including databases

* a Masters in Health Promotion or related discipline or equivalent experience

* exceptional written and verbal communication skills, including experience with such things as report and proposal writing, and presentations for a variety of audiences

* the ability to manage multiple complex projects

* strong strategic and analytical skills related to the advancement of a developing system and its elements

* sensitivity to Ontario's diverse regions and ethnoracial/cultural communities, including Franco-Ontarian populations

* strong group facilitation experience

* familiarity with budgeting and accounting procedures

* a proven record of self-management including the ability to take initiative, be self-motivated and independent while working as part of the OPC and OHPRS teams

* French- and English-language fluency is an asset

* a sense of humour.

Application Process

Interested applicants should send cover letter and resume to

OHPRS Coordinator

c/o OPC

180 Dundas Street West, Suite 1900

Toronto, Ontario M5G 1Z8

Fax: (416) 408-2122


Deadline for receipt of applications is Friday, April 20, 2001. We regret that only applications selected for an interview will be contacted.