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Program Evaluator: Kitchen Conferences, CICH

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The Canadian Institute of Child Health, together with its partners, the

Canadian Library Association and Industry Canada's Community Access Program, is developing "Kitchen Conferences", a technology-based parenting program for families across Canada. The program consists of eight interactive on-line parenting sessions that include a variety of components such as guest speakers, discussion topics, etc. As the Program Evaluator you will be responsible for the development and implementation of an evaluation for the parenting sessions.


* Developing an evaluation plan, in conjunction with program staff, that will enable measurement of the impact of the program.

We anticipate that this plan would include such activities as:

* Developing and implementing information collecting procedures:

* Interviewing project staff

* Interviewing partners and advisors

* Interviewing program participants

* Observing service delivery

* Developing evaluation database

* Analyzing data

* Providing progress reports and writing final evaluation report;

* Attending evaluation meetings.

Specific Qualifications:

* Experience in program evaluation

* Excellent communications skills, both oral and written

* Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment

* Excellent organizational skills

* Ability to prepare reports

If you meet the above criteria please forward your r