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Food for Learning: Request for Proposals

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to secure the services of a consultant to develop a region-wide, school-centred, but community-based network of individuals to improve child nutrition though snack, breakfast and/or lunch programs. This individual should have a strong commitment to utilizing local resources and forming collaborative partnerships. This position of the York Region Food for Learning Community Partners Program Coordinator provides an exceptional career opportunity for an innovative individual interested in providing creative, collaborative leadership in order to improve the nutrition status of children.

Background: York Region Food for Learning is a community partnership of concerned parents, teachers and community members in York Region who have joined together to initiate, support and enhance school snack, lunch and/or breakfast programs. Food for Learning school nutrition programs are unique because they are designed to sustain themselves through generous contributions of volunteers, in-kind donations and funds from our community. Over the past year, many community members and groups have become involved in different ways to offer school nutrition programs.

The Consultant will work under the guidance of the York Region Food for Learning Task Group.

Timeframe: This is a 10 month, part-time consultant position (3-4 days per week) which will begin September 2, 2001 and end June 30th, 2002.

Funding: This 10 month consultant position is expected to cost no more than $35,000.00 Funding for this position has been made possible by the Canadian Living Foundation, Community Partners Program Grant.

The proposal will include:

1. A current curriculum vitae

2. A list of references that can be contacted to discuss the applicant's experience.

3. A brief outline with proposed timelines and budget, which includes a work plan that explains how the following objectives will be met:

* to increase the number of schools in York Region that provide diverse, self-sufficient child nutrition programs

* to develop and implement guidelines, priorities and strategies with respect to how breakfast/snack/lunch school programs can be developed, implemented, enhanced and evaluated

* to develop and implement a process/strategy for the allocation of a variety of resources (monetary, food, in kind donations and volunteer services) to nutrition programs from community partners

* to increase the level of participation of parents and volunteers in child nutrition programs

* to develop and implement a communication strategy that links York Region Food for Learning Task Group members, with school boards, schools, local businesses, community supporters and potential supporters

* to increase awareness of York Region Food for Learning by all school nutrition programs in York Region so that they utilize this group for support

* to promote York Region Food for Learning nutrition programs within York Region to result in community acceptance of school nutrition programs

Project Costs: Project costs should include a professional fees budget and an estimated expense budget for the entire project including a description of all reimbursable costs, to include: travel time and expenses and communication costs such as fax, courier, mail, telephone and photocoping costs.

Note: Work plans proposed by the consultant may be modified by mutual agreement of the York Region Food for Learning Task Group and the Consultant.

Proposals Deadline: Please submit a written proposal by 12:00 noon on Friday August 24th, 2001 to:

Lucy Valleau

Community Nutritionist

Co-chair York Region Food for Learning

C/O York Region Health Services

22 Prospect St.,

Newmarket, ON

For further information please call:

Tel: 905-895-4521 ext. 4332 or 1-800-735-6625