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Social Marketing Through Partnerships -- An Example of Women's Heart Health Media Campaign



As many of you are aware, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario is committed to raising awareness of heart disease and stroke as the # 1 killer of women and to educating women about their risks. To help raise awareness of this issue, the Foundation has developed a mass awareness social marketing campaign targeting women. It is a true partnership between the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the local Heart Health Networks whereby a provincial strategy has been adopted to be

implemented locally, in collaboration with a major media network.


In 1994, heart disease and stroke accounted for 40% of all female deaths in Canada and 37% of all male deaths.

In 1998, 72% of women think breast cancer is their primary health concern while only 24% of women name heart disease and stroke as their primary concern Heart disease and stroke kills 4 women every hour

Once women reach age 45, their risk of heart disease and stroke increase four-fold

Women may experience different symptoms, have unique risk factors and may not be properly screened by current diagnostic techniques

The Continuing Need.

While awareness has increased, the issue of heart disease and stroke remains a distant second in most women's minds after breast cancer

The Canadian female population is aging, making heart disease and stroke an increasing risk for them

Gender-specific research has only scratched the surface - identifying appropriate tools, treatments and rehabilitation processes for women still remains critical

Primary care practitioners still need support and education around the risks and management of women for heart disease and stroke

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The Heart and Stroke Foundation has approached the local Heart Health Networks to raise the profile of women's heart health issues. This approach represents a true partnership. It is a partnership whereby a provincial strategy has been adopted to be implemented locally. This approach allows us to maximize resources, decrease local development costs and deliver one cohesive message across the province to improve the health of women.

i) CTV Vignette Program

As part of this social marketing campaign the Heart and Stroke Foundation will launch a series of Women Heart Health Vignettes in February 1999. We plan to produce twelve 60 second vignettes to be aired on CTV following the 6 p.m. news over a 26 week period. The campaign will provide a variety of information about women and heart disease. Each spot will reach 600,000 adults or 15.7 Million over the 26 week period (25 years +) of which 62% are women.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation will continue to conduct its annual awareness measure among women about their perceived risk of heart disease. The Foundation will include an additional question probing where they received this information from. These measures will be shared with all Heart Health Networks.

The total value of this program is usually $605,000.Our cost is only $320,000. The Foundation has invested $160,000 (50%). We are very excited that 27 local Heart Health Networks in Ontario have agreed to partner with the Foundation on this program. This represents a contribution of $114,500.

Before moving forward with this joint venture we need to raise the additional $45,500 from the Networks. The Foundation must incur an additional cost of $20,000 which covers the cost of buying out the rights to the vignettes (to be used on local cable and at events), dubs of vignettes to all participating Networks and French translation costs.

The Foundation will be working closely with the local Heart Health Networks over the next week to finalize this partnership.

ii) Why The Partnership?

The Social Marketing Campaign meets the Ministry of Heart Health Program objectives and conditions for funding:

- Women are a priority for local health initiatives

- Population health approach should be considered

- Media as a channel will reach a large proportion of people - not only those at highest risk

- Interventions should be part of an integrated plan

- Women's Social Marketing Campaign is aimed to increase awareness

- This creates the "base" on which other programs/resources my be added incrementally and sequentially

- Results in an increasingly comprehensive approach over the duration of the project

iii) Partnership benefits

- Increased visibility for local Heart Health Networks

- Local media promotional packages

- Participating Networks will receive copy of the vignettes for use on local cable networks and health promotion events

- Access to appropriate print resources and volunteer expertise

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Together, the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Heart Health Network's can bring about the much needed awareness and education that is so vital to women's health!

For more information please contact Sandra Zambon, Manager Health Promotion, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, (416) 489-7111 ext 400, email szambon@hsf.on. You may also contact your local Heart and Stroke Foundation office or your local Heart Health Network/Coalition for more details.



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For more information on heart disease, stroke, and women's issues call our toll-free Heart & Stroke Healthline @ 1-888-473-4636

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This feature was submitted by Sandra Zambon of the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario.