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Youth Tobacco Vortal Project Consultant

deadline 11 am September 7, 2001

see for more details

The Health Communication Unit is seeking a Project Consultant on a 6 month contract to work with the Youth Tobacco Vortal Project Advisory Committee and Project Manager (Larry Hershfield) to fulfill five tasks as deliverables:

1) Support the upgrading, updating and maintenance of the SmokeFX vortal site (( by working with the Project Manager, Advisory Committee, and website development supplier.

2) Implement the marketing and promotion plan for the project and related sites. This plan is currently being developed by the Advisory Committee.

3) Assist in the recruitment and retention of new affiliates sites (more detail in the website about the job)

4) Develop a youth participation strategy. (more detail on how to do it in the job description)

5) Other related tasks commensurate with project needs, skills and available budget, eg. attend and contribute to planning, problem-solving and followthru of project meetings, correspondence, program reporting, etc.

A full description of the contracted position can be found at

Our budget for this task is $12,000. The work and deliverables are to be completed by March 31, 2001. Our expectations are that the work may take 3 days per week from September - December and less time (1 day per week) thereafter. Some work must take place during business hours and at the THCU offices.


a) Knowledge of website development principles and processes.

b) Knowledge of website marketing principles and processes.

c) Project management, written and oral communication skills.

d) Knowledge of tobacco control issues, youth audiences, and Health Promotion theory and practice.

e) Experience in developing youth related websites preferred, including experience with Youth focus groups and youth-friendly development.

f) Post-secondary degree/diploma, or equivalent experience related to this position.


Applications should include:

1) A brief cover letter (2-3 paragraphs) outlining how you would approach the job.

2) Statement of expected compensation (per diem), availability.

3) Statement of qualifications, including resume, including but not limited to those in section C above, and

4) Work samples that illustrate qualifications and approach (if available).

Interested applicants please submit application to:

Attention: Dionne McDonald

The Health Communication Unit

100 College Street, Room 213

The Banting Institute, University of Toronto

Toronto, ON M5G 1L5


phone: 416-978-0522 fax: 416-971-2443