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Evaluation Coordinator, St. Michael's Hospital

Currently, the Injury Prevention Research Office at St. Michael's Hospital is conducting a province-wide randomized control evaluation of a Safety Education Program with 50,000 participants in Grades 1, 2, and 3. The study links safety knowledge levels and behavioural intentions with aggregated injury outcomes. One of the requirements of the study is to develop relationships with locally-based safety organizations so that safety messages delivered in the classroom can be reinforced in communities as the program is implemented.

The Evaluation Coordinator will facilitate implementation of the evaluation in school boards and oversee community liaisons working in different regions of the province to ensure that high research standards are consistently maintained and to promote and link the project with community-based safety events and local media opportunities. Excellent presentation skills and the ability to work health, education and safety stakeholders across Ontario are essential. Travel is an important component of this position.

As a member of the research team, the evaluation coordinator will

* present the project to the school board administration, principals and teachers

* prepare and lead inservice training sessions

* coordinate the work of up to ten community liaisons and make sure that deliverables are met on schedule

* facilitate and maintain school and school board interest in the project

* ensure data collection procedures are followed

* prepare oral, written and visual presentations

Essential Qualifications

* a valid Ontario driver's license and full-time access to a car

* excel at working collaboratively and independently

* strong motivational, and interpersonal skills

* an aptitude for strategic thinking and problem-solving

* outstanding verbal and written communication skills

* ability to work in a multiple task environment and to meet deadlines

* an undergraduate degree and at least two years experience in either the health, education or related fields.

Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest and resume either by mail, email or fax no later that September 28th, 2001 to

Injury Prevention Research Office

St. Michael's Hospital

38 Shuter Street, Room 2-018

Toronto, Ontario M5B 1A6

Fax: 416-864-5017