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Executive Director, Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education

Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education is a public/private partnership that was created to educate consumers about their role in food safety.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, this position of executive directors is responsible for implementing organizational policy and strategic goals and for coordinating all activities of the Partnership, including the Fight BAC! program. The individual chosen for this position can demonstrate extensive skills and experience in creating joint partnership and in fundraising. This individual will have the mandate to concentrate on seeking new partnerships and opportunities for the Canadian Partnership. Such new alliances are to be conducive to increasing the revenue base beyond membership fees to ensure the organization's financial viability and sustainability into the future.

Description of work performed

* develops, coordinates and assesses the Partnership's strategies for consumer food safety education

* identifies and recommends policies and programs which are consistent with the overall objectives and principles of the Partnership

* provides support and leadership to ensure programs are carried out in accordance with organization policies and objectives

* liaises with the Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Standing Committees to effectively coordinate the Partnership's initiatives

* co-ordinates the daily operations of the organization including staff management, strategic planning, membership communications, standing committees, budgeting, fundraising/sponsorship, marketing and services development and delivery with the emphasis being on communications

* provides effective internal and external communications services to the Partnership, including media relations (spokesperson), report writing (newsletter, business plan, annual report) including French text comparison and revision, consumer tools development

* projects and enhances the Partnership's image as a consumer food safety educator

* establishes new and maintains existing beneficial relations with public and private sector organizations

* plans, coordinates, attends and actively participates in Partnership Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Annual General and special meetings as an ex-officio, non-voting member; responsible for accurate recordings of all proceedings and distribution of minutes

* participates in Standing Committee meetings as required

* co-ordinates with key member organizations (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canadian Federation of Agriculture, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Health Canada) for coordination of services

* responsible for managing all budgets

* represents the Partnership at various meetings, conferences, etc.

This position requires

* at least a three-year track record of experience in the management of a non-profit organization involving its administration (meetings, office and financial management), and its planning and programs (organizational structure, project management, public and media relations, communications, membership recruitment and retention, fundraising, etc.)

* strong communications, management, financial and leadership skills

* demonstrated experience in proactive planning, organizational and strategic planning skills

* superior written and oral communication in English and French

* solid proficiency in computer applications

* ability to work with volunteers and under the direction of the Board of Directors

* familiarity with the democratic structure/process of non-profit organizations

* presentation skills

* knowledge in consumer food safety education or related field is an asset

* extensive human relations skills with the ability to develop and maintain effective relations and interact with a wide range of organizations and individuals

* its own office accommodations and equipment, however a stipend may be provided to cover these costs

* some travel

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