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Research Coordinator, Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre, University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Scheduled Hours of Work: 37.5 hrs per week


As part of a Research program funded by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, a study is planned to examine determinants of the initiation and adoption of physical activity over time periods up to 4 years in patients with CAD.

The objectives will be to

a) Investigate intrapersonal, social and cultural, and environmental factors associated with differential patterns of adoption and maintenance of physical activity over time.

b) Explore the usefulness of various theoretical constructs and models for conceptualizing the adoption and maintenance of physical activity behaviour in this population.

c) Compare individuals who adopt and maintain a program of physical activity with those who relapse or don't even start a program of physical activity.

A total of 1050 patients with documented CAD will be recruited from hospital admissions and clinics from at least three sites (Ottawa, Toronto, Waterloo) and followed for a period of four years. Outcome and predictor variables will be collected at study entry and participants will be followed by mail and telephone three, six, nine and twelve months and two, three, and four years after entry into the study. Outcome variables will include self-reported physical activity behaviour and motivational readiness as measured by a stage of change questionnaire. Predictor variables will include intrapersonal variables such as demographic, physiological, psychological and activity-related factors; social and cultural environment factors (e.g., ethnicity, social support); and physical environment factors (access to home exercise equipment, proximity to other exercise facilities, urban versus rural, transportation).

The Research Coordinator will be responsible for

1. Coordinating Pre-Study Logistics, including

* Assisting in preparing documentation (e.g., proposal, consent form) for ethics submission;

* Finalizing the study policy and procedures manual;

* Work with Investigative team and Heart Institute staff to establish recruitment procedures

* Preparing the final study survey instrument in scannable format; and

* Training study coordinator(s) at additional study site(s).

2. Participant Recruitment, including

* Identification of possible study participants;

* Reviewing with potential participants information about the study;

* Obtaining informed consent;

* Completing the participant intake form; and

* Preparing status reports concerning participant recruitment for the project manager and investigators.

3. Participant Tracking, including

* Contacting (by mail and/or phone) study participants according to the schedule outlined in the research protocol;

* Completing participant tracking questionnaires;

* Follow-up with non-respondents; and

* Preparing status reports concerning follow-up for the project manager and investigators.

4. Data Input

* Scanning to database of participant intake and follow-up questionnaires;

* Maintenance (e.g., backup) of the project database;

* Quality control; and

* Liaise with the HIPRC program personnel regarding any participant concerns.

5. Other Responsibilities

* Undertake other activities as defined by the Principal Investigator.


* University degree in a health-related discipline

* Knowledge of cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention

* Computer literacy (Microsoft applications, statistical software packages preferred)

* Excellent interpersonal and team skills

* Outstanding organizational skills

* Previous research experience preferred

* Bilingualism preferred

Salary and Benefits: $23.00/hr + benefits (4% vacation)

Contract Duration: September 1, 2001