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Regional Coordinator, Western Ontario, Safe Communities Foundation

The Safe Communities Foundation (SCF) has an opening for a part-time Regional Coordinator for the Western Ontario region commencing November 26, 2001. This is a 6-days-a-month contract position. A job description is inlcuded below. The candidate should reside in or close to one of our South Western Ontario Regional Communities. (See the Safe Communities website at for more information.)

Interested applicants should forward a resume, including three references, to

Donna Russett

SCF Program Director

Fax (416) 964-0089

If you would like more information please call Donna Russett at (416) 964-8993. Applications will be accepted until Friday, November 16, 2001.

Safe Communities Foundation Regional Coordinator Roles

Regional Coordinators...

* serve as the voice of the Safe Communities Foundation

* support Safe Communities by providing them with resources, guidelines, and support tools such as the "The Safe Communities Guidebook"

* assist communities in reviewing community business plans, beginning with the initial draft, and providing written feedback, and coordinate information to share with communities

* submit regular written updates on activities in new and existing communities

Developmental Role

* Promotional: After key players have bought into a collaborative model of injury prevention, coordinator will visit the community to present the mandate and vision of Safe Communities Foundation and answer questions.

* Launch: Upon approval of a community's application to become a designated Safe Community, the coordinator will assist the community in planning the celebratory launch

* Issues: The coordinator will assist communities in developing strategies to resolve issues during the application and implementation stages.

* Support Role Regional Meetings: Provide opportunities for communities to meet/talk/share within the region at least 3 times a year.

* Regular Contacts: Ask communities about their progress and remind them to celebrate their successes.

* Liaison: Provide communities with the contact names of other communities that are implementing similar programs or direct them to existing resources that are available.

* Communicate: Act as the communication link for the Safe Communities Foundation and the safe communities.

Skills should include

* Community Development

* Conflict Resolution

* Project Management

* Good communication and presentation skills

* Multi-task oriented

* Self-directed

Regional Coordinator Job Description

Contracted services to be provided will include the following:

* participatory assessment of strengths and challenges of existing and developing Safe Communities assigned to the region

* collaborative planning for actions which will assist communities and SCF in reaching defined goals

* communication between regional Safe Communities and the SCF coordination of regional communications, strategic planning and activities

* travel to communities to attend meetings and special events

Performance Indicators for this contract include the following:

* Build momentum of Safe Communities movement by bringing forward new regional community applications.

* Maintain ongoing communications and support of existing Safe Communities within the region.

* Provide feedback to new and existing communities on business plans and summary reports.

* Offer regional Safe Communities the opportunity to network a minimum of 3 times per year.

* Submit regular reports about regional communities to SCF.

* Maintain a current contact list for regional Safe Communities.

* Connect face-to-face with regional Safe Communities at least once a year.

* Assist in the development of partnerships to support Safe Communities.

* Maintain regular and timely communications with SCF.

* Participate in the planning and implementation of the annual SCF conference.

* Carry out other activities as required to support the work of the SCF.

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