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Editor in Chief, Promotion and Education

Promotion & Education, the International Journal of Health Promotion and Education, is an official publication of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE). It is a multilingual journal, which publishes authoritative peer-reviewed articles and practical information for a world-wide audience of professionals interested in health promotion and health education. The content of the journal reflects three of the strategic priorities of the IUHPE, namely, advancing knowledge, advocacy and networking.

Promotion & Education is pleased to announce its search for an Editor in Chief. Formerly, the Journal has operated under a number of editorial infrastructures, most recently a tripartite editorship with an editor for each section. Due to the decision of the Journal's Editorial Advisory Board and the IUHPE Board of Trustees to consolidate editorship under an Editor in Chief, the Journal is accepting expressions of interest in the position.

Given the global nature of the Journal's reach and the unique mandate of the Journal, the successful candidate will have good familiarity of the IUHPE and a history of participation in activities of the organisation. A detailed list of duties and responsibilities of the Editor in Chief is enclosed. The position is unremunerated, but has the support of the Managing Editor for all technical details associated with production of the journal. The position offers an extraordinary opportunity to an experienced professional to participate in the ongoing development and improvement of an international journal, Promotion & Education; exchange with a network of professionals in the field on a global level; and become more involved with the IUHPE, an organisation that continues to be at the forefront of global issues in health promotion and education.

Promotion & Education is a trilingual publication (English, French, Spanish being the three official languages of the IUHPE) with a quarterly circulation of 4,000 copies. Promotion & Education reaches members in more than 90 countries; it is also sent to over 200 library subscribers. Each issue is read by average of three readers, providing an estimated regular readership of approximately 12,000 readers, consisting predominantly of professionals engaged in health promotion and health education related activities at the local, regional, national and international levels, and working in academia, government or non-profit organisations. The Journal is overseen by an Editorial Advisory Board composed of international experts in the areas of health promotion, health education and public health.

Please send inquiries to Catherine Jones, Managing Editor, Promotion & Education, at, together with the following:

* Letter of interest.

* Complete curriculum vitae.

* A sample editorial of 800 words on future challenges to health promotion.

* A communication from the home academic or professional institution expressing support for the applicant and stating the degree to which institutional resources will be made available to assist the Editor in Chief in her/his duties.

The submission deadline for candidacies is Friday, December 21, 2001.

For more information on the IUHPE and Promotion & Education, please visit our website at or contact the Managing Editor at or by telephone at +33-1 46 45 00 59.

Job Description and Terms of Reference

The Editor in Chief of Promotion & Education supervises the editorial content of the Journal. S/he preserves the editorial integrity and quality of substance of Promotion & Education, in collaboration with the Managing Editor, the Executive Editorial Board, the Editorial Advisory Board, the Vice-President for Communications and the IUHPE Board of Trustees.


1. Supervise the editorial content and substance of Promotion & Education. Maintain the editorial standards of the Journal as outlined in the Publication Profile.

2. Approve design and layout of each issue.

3. Oversee the manuscript review and selection process.

4. Serving as an integral part of the editorial team of Promotion & Education in collaboration with the Managing Editor, the Executive Editorial Board and the Editorial Advisory Board.

5. Promote good communication among the many individuals involved in the publication of Promotion & Education.

6. Propose and oversee innovations in the Journal's content, emphasis, and form.

7. Work with the Managing Editor to ensure budget is not surpassed in regard to printing and production.

8. Stimulate and facilitate collaboration with other health promotion journals to improve equity in access to journals in the health promotion arena, and serve as the Coordinator of the Health Promotion Journals' Equity Project (HPJEP).

9. Represent Promotion & Education and the International Union for Health Promotion and Education at meetings with organisations, groups, and individuals outside IUHPE who have an interest in Promotion & Education.

10. Attend Board of Trustees and Executive Committee meetings.